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At Mushin MMA Traditional Self-Defense, the goal is to help every student find their own “Martial Arts Way.” The master fighter is an artist, and the martial arts studio is a space for channeling creative energy. Every student has an effective and individual fighting style within them waiting to be discovered—one that lends itself naturally to their unique body.

My dojo is a place where egos are put aside. The only matter of concern is the learning process. My classes are highly individualized, and the techniques and fighting styles covered are centered on the student’s personal preference.

You may choose to learn in a group setting or a private session. There are no limits to how frequently or infrequently you train, although some classes are offered on a set schedule. We can train hard or soft. I can teach you to fight open hand or with weapons, for self defense or sport.

Whatever your reason for wanting to learn or practice MMA, I can help you achieve your goals. The first thing all students of martial arts must learn is that you get out what you put in. With enough training and discipline, you can reach your full potential and unleash your inner champion!

All students are welcome—of any age and of any skill level. The only requirements are respect for others and a determination to improve yourself. Call or stop by Mushin MMA. Traditional Self-Defense, where I am dedicated to creating a safer, stronger, and more confident community one person at a time.

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